On the 8th and 9th of February 2018, the third meeting of the Calypsos Project took place in Almeria. The opening was held in the University of Almeria with the attendance of the Rector of the University, Mr. Carmelo Rodriguez who welcomed the participants of the project and the presentation of 3 European projects: Reculm, from the Centre of Study of the Migrations and Intercultural Relationships (CEMyRI); Educate in Citizenship Values in order to avoid radicalization, from the University of Almeria and Exyonet Project from Meridianos. Finally, Mr. Juan Garcia, Vice-rector of the University of Almeria presented the results that have been obtained of the Calypsos Project.
During the workshops sessions, the assistants visited the Centres of Minors Offenders El Molino, managed by Meridianos in collaboration with the DG of Youth Justice and Cooperation of the Regional Ministry of Justice of the Junta de Andalusia, where they visited the school “Jesus Rendentor” for the compulsory education of juvenile prisoners.
They also went to the penitentiary centre El Acebuche, where they learned about the functioning of the Centre of Continuing Education (CEE) RETAMAR. Mr. Juan Carlos Martínez Rodríguez, General Director of the CEE Retamar guided the visit and they had the opportunity to share personal experience and know the history of the centre, its philosophy and training itineraries, making reference to specific projects for the inmates such as Erasmus + or the Employment project “Reinsertándonos”, for the promotion of the entrepreneur culture.
During the 2nd day, they meet to evaluate, exchange information and plan the intellectual outputs of the project, as well as the dates of the next working meeting in Braga (Portugal) and Brussels (Belgium).
At the end of the meeting, they established the team works for the organization of the dissemination groups of the project and for the organization of the final event in the European Union headquarters.
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