29th October 2018
10.00 a.m 
The fifth transnational meeting of Calypsos project started with the presence of at least two members of each participating partners: CEPA SANTA CRUZ DE TENERIFE, UNIVERSITY OF LA LAGUNA, UNIVERSITY OF ALMERIA, UNIVERSITY OF LA SAPIENZA, UNIVERSITY OF MINHO, PLENA INCLUSION CANARIAS, CENTRO PENITENCIARIO DE TENERIFE, ADIS MERIDIANOS and unfortunately no one of INSTITUTO DEGLI INNOCENTI was able to attend this meeting because of personal and health reasons
The meeting starts with the presentation by the research leader Mr Juan García García of the Almeria University being accompanied by the rest of the researchers group (Ms Silvia Cataldi and Mr Marino Bonaiuto from Sapienza University of Rome, Mr Rui Abruhnosa Gonçalvez and Mr Bruno Aragâo from the University or Minho and Ms Ana Mª Martin from La Laguna University) of the whole investigation, The greatest difficulties emerged as well as the small fringes to conclude.
The financed outputs (number two and three) of the project were revised emphasizing the remaining work to be done in order to design the Final Report. It was also pointed out how each partner should address these intellectual outputs.
An outline of the Final Report was presented so that all the partners could work on it with assignment of tasks according to their role. The outline of the work to be presented would be as follows:
Preparation of a technical document with the Intellectual outputs
1. Introduction
NEAE in the different countries (CEPA, Roma and Portugal)
Compilation of existing standards
Analysis of NEAE treatment in each country
National legislation on educational activities in their prisons
O5 General objectives (Plena Inclusión)
2. Empirical study
O1 (UAL)
O2 and O3 (UAL-ULL with Rome and Minho)
O4 and O7 Results of the study (UAL-ULL with Rome and Minho)
3. Study about young people and juvenile justice
O6 (ADIS and IDI)
4. Gender perspective of the study
5. General conclusions
O8 (CEPA and all the others)
It was agreed that CEPA will send a script for the elaboration of the intellectual output number eight: Orientations and intervention strategies and socio-educational innovation to increase school success rates among inmates in EU.
It was also agreed that by the end of November all partners should have submitted their reports and documentation to the coordinator. Alfonso Ballesteros Ballester pointed out the compulsory sections to be contained in the final recommendations to the EU of the Calypsos:
This section focuses on the organization of the school environment: space, general conditions of light, sound, temperature, materials, internet access and the use of ICT in classrooms inside prisons.
It proposes the creation of a joint working group between the educational institution and the penitentiary authorities to examine and correct the deficiencies in the educational area within the prisons. It also establishes the need for a curriculum and materials adapted to adult education that focuses into diversity and inclusive education with adults’ learners inside prisons.
Educational diagnosis once in prison to be able to detect the educational needs. Creating programs tailored to people with educational needs that include work with executive functions.
Recognition of the improvement and / or overcoming of the executive functions found, being able to obtain penitentiary benefits, as it already exists for other aspects such as attendance and use of regulated education classes, for example.
It establishes the urgent need to include a counselor in the Adult Education Centres including prisons that support the teaching staff in their educational and personal, social and professional tasks. After a brief discussion it was agreed to expose it in the discussion panel of the Multiplier Event.
After the coffee-break we proceeded to review the project budget.
The universities agree to complete and deliver the IOS in the shortest possible time.
It was clarified by the coordinator how each budget item should be justified
Lunch time in a restaurant near the venue. All partners could exchanged impressions’ about the project in a relax atmosphere.
14.30-16.00: Review of the Multiplier Event program
Folders to be delivered during the multiplier event were prepared, as well as lanyards, ID badges, booklets in the four languages of the project, flyers, pens, calypsos sheets…
It was agreed the best way to make each presentation.
Partners agreed to speak both in English and Spanish so that most of the audience would have instant feedback and contextualized information about the contents presented.
Partners worked on the advocacy Letter of the Strategic Association Calypsos giving ideas and showing the content it must include according to the projects aims and linked the celebration of the International Day of Education in Prison, on October the 13th, 2018. Just a couple of days before Calypsos project will be celebrating its final conference.
On the 13th of October 1989, the Council of Europe adopted a set of recommendations outlining the needs and responsibilities concerning the education of imprisoned persons in Europe. These recommendations stipulate that all imprisoned persons should be offered the opportunity to engage in educational activities and that these activities should serve to develop the whole person, be conducive to effective reintegration, and encourage a reduction in recidivism.
Setting the mains topics of the panel discussion and the leader of it.
It is explained by the Coordinator Ms. Belén González how to reach the European Committee of the Regions in the following day.
Coordinators are responsible for carrying the material to be delivered the next day and give instructions on the schedule, organization of the event and the rules of access to the CoR building.
Farewell of the participants. The coordinating team thanked to the staff and manager of the Delegation of the Government of the Canary Islands for hosting and supporting this meeting as well as for the efforts carried out by its staff to carry out the final multiplier event of the project in the facilities of COR.
Day 1 | 29th October, 2018
10.00   Partners Reception at:
10.00   Delegación del Gobierno de Canarias en Bruselas
10.00   Avenue Livingstone 21, 1000 Bruxelles
10.00   General presentation of the project by José Luis Arregui Sáez
10.30   Advance of the Intellectual Outputs presentation by the Universities
11.00   Advance of the presentation of other research products by ADIS Meridianos and IDI
11.30   General rehearsal of the event (step outline)
12.00   Review of logistics issues of the event. Review of the roles of the organizers
12.30   Lunch Break
14.00   Economic issues of the project
16.30   Calypsos Final report: Deadline 23th November 2018
09.00   E+PRP of the Project
Day 2 | 30th October, 2018
09.00   CALYPSOS MULTIPLIER EVENT at the European Committee of the Regions
09.00   (See Agenda)
Day 3 | 31th October, 2018
09.00   Departure of Partners
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