21-22th June 2018
The fourth transnational meeting of the Calypsus Project occurred in Braga from June 20th, to June 23rd, 2018. As usual partners arrived in the first day of the meeting and departed in the last one, so that the core program of the meeting took part in the second and third days of the meeting.
Following an agenda previously scheduled, partners arrived at the School of Psychology building on Thursday morning and were welcomed by the Presidency of the School of Psychology and later by the University of Minho’s Pro‐Rector for the Internationalization, professor Carla Martins.
Participants were then presented with two lectures concerning the Portuguese Penal Law and the Portuguese Penitentiary and Juvenile systems given, respectively, by professor Margarida Santos from the UM Law School and Professor Rui Abrunhosa Gonçalves, professor from the UM School of Psychology and coordinator of the Portuguese Calypsus team.
During the afternoon partners discussed the intellectual outputs already gathered by the University partners from La Laguna, Almeria and Rome. The University of Minho partner reported some problems of data collection in prisons due to continuous strikes from the prison officers that affected mainly individual data collecting. This strike problem that persists since the end of 2017, largely affected the schedule conceived by the Portuguese team. Therefore, only data from group evaluations could be available at the time of the meeting, which is clearly insufficient. A contingence plan was then proposed using a more enlarged strategy, so that it will expected to have data for as many as possible inmates by the end of August.
The morning of the second day was devoted to discuss management issues and to plan the closing multiplier event that will occur in Brussels on October 30th. The project manager gave a full account of the project’s evolution and presented the relevant issues that the team has to face ahead.
During the afternoon, the partners were visiting the Santa Cruz do Bispo Male prison, in Matosinhos (close to Oporto), where they had the opportunity to contact prison inmates from the Mental Health Security Unit, the Drug Treatment Unit and could also had a general view of the prison facility.
A farewell dinner closed the Braga calypsos Meeting.
As a sort of balance of the Project’s evolution and apart from the problem related with the intellectual outputs from the UM team – that is currently under resolution – the Calypsos Project seems to be in good shape and the multiplier event will actually be a success considering either the outputs either the expected participants.
Transnational Meeting Agenda
Day 1 | June 20th, 2018
Project Partners’ Arrival
Day 2 | June 21st, 2018
09.00   Meeting start at the Amphitheatre of the School of Psychology, University of Minho
09.30   Welcome Meeting
09.00   Prof. Dr. Carla Martins, Pro-Rector of the University of Minho for Internationalization
09.00   Prof. Dr. Pedro Rosário, Director of the Psychology Research Center
10.00   The Portuguese criminal and juvenile processual model: general considerations
09.00   Margarida Santos, School of Law, University of Minho
10.30   Coffee break
11.00   Prisons and juveniles in Portugal: An introduction.
09.00   Rui Abrunhosa Gonçalves, School of Psychology, University of Minho
12.30   Lunch (Panoramic Restaurant, University of Minho)
14.00   Calypsos Intellectual Outputs: Data presentation and discussion
09.00   Partners from the U. of Almeria, U. of La Laguna, U. of Minho, and U. of La Sapienza
16.30   Education for children in the juvenile justice system
09.00   Erika Bernacchi, International Cooperation Service, Istituto degli Innocenti
Day 3 | June 22nd, 2018
09.00   Calypsus Project Management: Current situation and future developments
09.00   Belen Gonzalez and Alfonso Ballesteros (Coordination Team of the Calypsus Project)
10.30   Coffee break
11.00   Preparation of the Brussels Meeting
09.00   Closing remarks
12.00   Lunch (Panoramic Restaurant, University of Minho)
13.30   Departure for the St. Cruz do Bispo Prison Visit (School of Psychology)
18.00   Farewell cocktail at School of Psychology
Day 4 | June 23rd, 2018
Project Partners’ Departure
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