CEPA Santa Cruz de Tenerife
Carretera del Rosario 88 – A
  (Antiguo Colegio Tena Artigas)
  38009 Santa Cruz de Tenerife
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The Center for Adult Education Santa Cruz de Tenerife (CEPA Santa Cruz de Tenerife) is a public educational center, dependent on the Ministry of Education and Universities, which provides its services to all those over 18 years and without age limit , who wish to acquire, update, complete and expand their skills, knowledge, abilities, aptitudes and competencies for their personal and professional development.
We act in the municipalities of Santa Cruz de Tenerife and El Rosario and we have face-to-face lessons and through the Internet. The face-to-face teaching takes place in morning, afternoon and evening shifts, from Monday to Thursday.
Our educational offer includes the following teachings:
Basic Initial Training
For those who lack primary studies. The purpose, the development of their personal abilities, the acquisition of basic skills, as well as the improvement of their participation in social, professional and cultural life.
Its development is planned in two levels, equivalent to Primary Education. Each level lasts one school year, but each person will spend the time they need to acquire the established training.
Basic Post-Initial Training (leading to the Graduate Degree in ESO)
The Basic Post-Initial Training, which consists of four sections, leads to obtaining the Graduate Degree in Compulsory Secondary Education. The recognition and validation of the previous learning of the students allows locating them at the appropriate level to complete the degree.
There is an intensive offer of the first two sections, which allows both to be taken in a single year.
There is also a non-contact offer, through the Internet, of the last two sections, aimed at students who for reasons of time or distance cannot attend classes.
Preparation of entrance exams for intermediate and higher grade training cycles
These courses are aimed at students who want to enter Middle and Higher Level Training Cycles and do not have the required degree. In them, they are prepared for the subjects of the corresponding entrance tests. They begin in the month of October and end in May of the following year, just before the celebration of the tests, which are held annually.
CP FOE courses, leading to level 1 professional certificates
These certificates certify in the workplace, the set of professional skills that a person must possess for the development of a work activity identified in the labor market. They have official status and validity throughout the national territory and are issued by the competent bodies of the Autonomous Communities. In CEPA Santa Cruz de Tenerife the following courses are taught:
Auxiliary activities in nurseries, gardens and garden centers
Data and document recording operations
Auxiliary hairdressing services
Mentor classroom
Aula Mentor is an open, flexible and online training initiative aimed at adults who wish to expand their personal and professional skills.
Basic Computer Course
It consists of the "Office Automation" module, present in two level 2 professional certificates and seven level 3 certificates.
Evidence of key competences
Ours is the only public center in Santa Cruz de Tenerife that periodically, with an interval of two weeks, calls for tests of key competences, of levels 2 and 3, of Spanish Language, Mathematics and English, valid so that those who do not have the corresponding qualification, can take courses of the Canary Service of Employment of those levels.
The educational service we provide is decentralized in fourteen classrooms, which we call UAPA (Adult Activity Unit) and covers the municipalities of Santa Cruz de Tenerife and El Rosario.
It also has an AAPA (Adult Assigned Classroom) located in the Penitentiary Establishment of Tenerife that, although administratively and economically dependent on the CEPA, has its own teaching staff.
To develop the work described, the center has the following faculty:
35 teachers with a functional staff, of which 12 are assigned to the AAPA Penitentiary Establishment of Tenerife
10 teachers who complement the schedule, especially in the courses of preparation of tests
4 teachers who develop the courses FOE CP
A variable number of tutors and tutors in the Mentor Classroom
The CEPA Santa Cruz de Tenerife participates in different educational projects and networks of the Ministry of Education and Universities. They stand out among them:
Canary Network of Educational Centers for Sustainability (RedECOS). We have received within this network two distinctions within the activity Reciclarte, in the years 2014 and 2015
Canary Network of Ecological School Gardens
Educational Virtual Network of School Libraries of the Canary Islands (BIBESCAN).
Canarian Network of Health Promoting Schools (RCEPS)
Canary Network of Schools for Equality (RCEI)
CEPA Santa Cruz de Tenerife promotes the internationalization of Education by participating actively in the ERASMUS + Program with two projects belonging to the 2016 call:
Project KA106 PROTEO
Project KA204 CALYPSOS
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