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The University of Minho (UM), founded in 1973, began its academic activity in 1975/76. UM is renowned for the quality of its teaching, the quality of its students, the public recognition achieved by its alumni, and for its integration and linkages with the local community and surrounding region.
Since its founding, UM has earned a reputation for excellence as an institution of learning and leadership, combining strategic vision with a capacity to innovate, and demonstrating a commitment to rigorous scientific, academic, administrative and financial management.
UM has continued to affirm the central importance of research within the range of its activities. Today, the University has 12 research Centers which are financed and classified by the FCT (Foundation for Science and Technology) as 'Excellent', and a further 9 with the classification of 'Very Good', representing diverse scientific areas. UM also collaborates with four Associate Laboratories. Since 2011, UM has had its its first Associate Laboratory based solely on UM's Research Units.
The successful internationalisation of UM's research is demonstrated by the rapid increase in the number of ISI publications by its staff and the growing number of European projects, many of which are coordinated by UM researchers. In addition, several Doctoral and Masters’ programmes at UM have been developed in the context of international partnerships (namely MIT-Portugal, CMU-Portugal and Harvard- Portugal), and there has been significant development of research networks with European, North American and Iberian American colleagues.
The number of graduates who have earned doctoral degrees has doubled in the last five years, placing UM in a top national position in this area of achievement.
UM has been successful in attracting a significant number of high-quality researchers. In the framework of the national initiatives such as the “Compromisso com a Ciência” (Commitment to Science) in 2007 and 2008, the research units of the University now include 69 additional researchers, many of whom are foreign, thus reinforcing the level of international cooperation between research teams.
The Psychology Research Center (CIPsi) was founded in 2003 and is one of the 25 research centers at UM. CIPsi was evaluated by FCT as 'Very Good' in from 2003 to 2007. In Portugal in this period only one Psychology Center was evaluated as Excellent and another one with Very Good. Since then, CIpsi has been making considerable efforts to improve the quality of its research and dissemination internationally, and now ranks first on a number of national indicators.
The Psychology Research Center (CIPsi), founded in 2003, and is one of the 32 research centers at UMinho. The fundamental aim of CIPsi is the promotion and dissemination of high quality scientific knowledge in the domains of basic and applied psychology. This organizational structure, with well-equipped laboratories, affords a unique research environment which provides ample support for multidisciplinary teams.
Since 2003, CIPsi has been making considerable efforts to improve the quality of its research and dissemination internationally, and now ranks first on a number of national indicators, as indicated by the “Study of Leiden”. This Bibliometric Study conducted by FCT ranks all the National Research Centers (N=284), irrespective of their dimension, in the period 2007-2011, placed CIPsi in the first position in Psychology (69th in the overall ranking). In 2016, CIPsi published more than 150 articles, which are listed in the ISI Web of Science. Finally, CIPsi was evaluated by Foundation for Science and Technology as “Excellent” in 2014. In Portugal, in this evaluation CIPsi occupies the 15º position in the rank of 322 centers from all the domains of knowledge, and the first in psychology domain
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