Universidad de Almería
Carretera Sacramento s/n
  04120 La Cañada de San Urbano
+34 950 21 40 00
+34 950 01 54 71
The University of Almeria, is one of the youngest and most dynamic public universities in Spain. It was created by the Parliament of Andalusia in 1993 as a proposal of the Regional Council Government of Andalusía.
Some of its figures show the spectacular growth of the University of Almeria in recent years:
The total number of students has doubled since the academic year 92/93, from 6600 to 14000 students, of which 800 are currently working towards their Phd.
The teaching staff has increased from 374 in 92/93 to more than 800 at present, organized in 13 departments and 8 faculties.
The administrative and service staff has increased from 130 in 1993 to more than 500.
Within 17 years, from 1992, the number of research groups exceed today one hundred.
Our university currently has four classroom buildings, which offer students the opportunity to study more than 31 degrees, 39 official master's degrees and 14 doctoral programs.
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